We Buy Houses, Lee County, FL: Switch to “Guaranteed All Cash Offer”, Sell Your House in an Instance

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Selling a house use to be a struggle.  Although it is not so much of a hassle anymore, it can be very stressful, at times. In order to relieve your stress, we have come up with excellent offers with instant cash payment. Modernized Investments, LLC is one of the leading house buying house agencies. ​We buy houses, Lee County, Florida.

If you want to relocate from your old Grandpa’s house, you are tired being the landlord, you simply want to get rid of the taxes, or you are just in need of some hard cash, we offer many solutions. Keep reading the content to learn more about us.

Services We Offer: Come to experience the never experienced

Payments: We Pay More

We do our best and work our hardest to offer you the highest payment amount for your property.

Rating and critical comment: 4.5/ 5, the highest payment

Renovation options: We Buy Your Home “AS-IS”, Regardless of any situation

It doesn’t matter what repairs are needed on your property, we will still buy it. Any sort of maintenance or repairs needed can be done by us. Our team will survey your home and according to the condition of the house, we will offer you money without any obligation.


Rating and critical comment: 5/ 5, no renovation needed


Cash Payment: We Pay Cash in 24 Hours

We pay all cash within even 24 hours if it is that urgent. We buy houses in Lee County for so many years and we have enough turn over to get you the money within a day. No scams, only real are policies are made by us.

Rating and critical comment: 5/5, guaranteed cash payment


We offer you a hassle-free sale, when it is convenient for you. There is no rush yet there is no delay. It all depends on you and your willingness to sell your property.

Rating and critical comment: 4.5/ 5, flexible

No-Obligation Selling: No contract, no agreement; it is all up to you

We believe in giving you all the authority when it comes to selling your house. We don’t pressure our clients with any sort of obligation or terms and conditions.

Rating and critical comment: 5/ 5, no pressure on you

Charges: No Commission

We do not charge any type of commission or fee to come out and take a look at your property or when it comes to purchasing your property. We understand you have other household financial responsibilities, and we do not want to be one of them.

Rating and critical comment: 5/ 5, free of charges

Features that Holds us Higher from Agents and other options

There are three possible ways of selling and they are:

  1. Consulting Us
  1. Hiring an Agent
  1. Do it Yourself

Why should you call us instead of the other options?


Investments, LLC

An Agent

Do It Yourself

Payment We have the
resources to offer
more and pay
more for your
You sign a
contract, and they
take a certain
percent of the
sales price.
You may not get
the highest
amount for your
 Payment of Cash We can pay all
cash within 24
The buyer will
most likely need a
loan from the
bank, therefore
they must get
approved first and
that takes time.
The buyer will
most likely need a
loan from the
bank, therefore
they must get
approved first and
that takes time.
 Charges No commission or
Usually 6% of the
sales price
No fees but you
need to do all the
work, which takes
time and money.
 Transparency We are open and
Is your agent truly
being 100%
honest with you?
issue occurs in
personal selling
 Renovations We buy “AS IS” Agents, may ask
you to update
your home. Once
under contract,
the buyer may ask
you to fix up the
 Struggles of legal
We handle all the
legal works
The agent handles
the legal work
 You will have to
deal with all the
legal work





  1. Where do we buy houses?


We buy houses in Lee County but the basic areas that we cover are:


  • Fort Myers
  • Lehigh Acres
  • Cape Coral
  • Bonita Springs
  • Estero
  1. How to contact us?

You can simply visit our site or call in ​(941) 275- 2892.

  1. How much time does this take?

Usually 2 to 3 weeks, but if you are in a hurry we can do it within three days with 24 hours cash payments guarantee.

  1. Do we buy a house that is in probate or has tenants?

Yes, we do.